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Web & Mobile development. Technical excellence & fair pricing.


Web & Mobile development. Technical excellence & fair prices.

“We are not an agency.”


I'm Ruben, Director at ScrollWorks.
And I am also the only employee, which is great news for you.

I've worked for agencies for many years, and I believe that, in most cases, there are needlessly large amounts of people involved in the projects and prices are inflated, which results in a massive extra cost for the client. What's more, as a consequence of tight artificial deadlines, developers overloaded with work from different projects or sadly, quite often, without the adequate skills, clients are often delivered technically mediocre products.

That's why I decided to fly solo and offer my experience and expertise as part of a straight-forward service, where you will only be paying for actual, quality development time.

Don't get me wrong, agencies are great for agency things, like brand identity, advertisement, or PR. However, if what you want is an impressive, engaging website which is technically sublime, I honestly believe that very few of them, if any, can offer a better service than we do.

Once again, welcome to ScrollWorks.

Ruben Serrate, ScrollWorks Director

Technical excellence & first class design


Our code doesn't just work,
it's engineered to operate in the best possible way.

With plenty of commercial experience. and an outstanding academic

background, we have the knowledge to thoroughly understand computing challenges and to come up with the best solutions for them. We follow modern, proven software development methodologies and always deliver higly maintainable code, which makes for apps and websites that are free of bugs and easy to extend or modify.

However, if there's something ScrollWorks focuses on, that's code performance. We pride ourselves in always trying to find the most suitable technology and way of solving every single problem in the most efficient way. And this is why our websites and applications have that slick feeling to them and run smoothly on any device, presenting the user a with a fluid and enjoyable experience.

When it comes to looks, we liase with exceptional designers to make sure you get a dazzling website that communicates exactly the message you want.

All this precious code will be hosted on Microsoft's or Amazon's cloud computing platform,
Azure ®, or AWS®, whichever is more suitable, where it will be allocated
the best resources to ensure we provide a
reliable and ultra fast experience.

Aggressively low prices


Get online from as little as £300.

Our products are not only technically superior, but also considerably cheaper.
In fact, our clients often report that our prices are more than 10 times lower than other quotes.

Puzzled? Well, we have put together a whole page dedicated to pricing where we explain in detail how we can manage that, but here are just a few facts to help you understand:

  • Low profit margin. Being a single person team, the profit margin required per piece of work is remarkably lower.
  • No passengers. At ScrollWorks no one makes money from the work of others.
  • No financial eagerness. We have no greedy inversion groups or CEOs setting up artificial financial targets, we just make a living of doing what we love.
  • No operation costs. Ruben's commuting time is about 10 seconds; we work from home.
  • No VAT. We are a low income company so we don't have to apply taxes to your invoice.
  • Honest and realistic prices. We we won't quote you more
    just because we know you can pay it.

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